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This is a great thing that you are here today, We believe that your aim here is looking to work in Canada as an Immigrant. Canada’s government is open to immigration and has the policy to offer jobs to Canadian immigrants who want to move to Canada.

Government Jobs in Canada for immigrants

There are more than 300,000.0 job openings and recruitment in Canada for immigrants. You have a good chance of getting a job. You will be successful if you’re determined and have the right documents and skills.

This section lists high-paying jobs in Canada, with a range of salaries. This section is designed to help immigrants get Canada Government Jobs. It can be used for both new immigrants and existing Canadian residents.

Canada must follow regulations and guidelines, as you might expect. You will also find policies, mandates, strategies, and similar documents.

Jobs for immigrants in canada

Canada Government Jobs also offers a unique sponsorship opportunity. VISA sponsorship is available to qualified applicants based on the qualifications of their employer. This will make it much easier for you to transfer to Canada.

Company Type: Non-Profit

Maximum 250 employees

Company Name: Canadian Government. Industry: BPO

This section contains Canadian job openings that are updated often. You can search for the job that matches your search for Canada Government jobs.

Occupation Average Annual Salary(CAD)

Registered or licensed Practical nurse $76,342 to $129.781 long haul truck driver $44,850 up to $75,770 Welder $39 938 – $69 595, Industrial Electrician $44,334 – $81,491 Aerospace engineer $89 700 to $152,490 Software Engineer $95 2,450 – $157.165 College or Vocational Instructor $47,736 to $75,000. Psychologist $97.451 to $130.932. Aircraft Pilot $66110 to $112,387. Early Childhood Education $25,350 to $59670. Food Service Worker $25,000. – $35,687. Pipefitter $63,239 to $76,342 to $129.781 Construction Estimator $76,757 – $76,757. Management Consultant Management Consultant $77.875 to $132,388

We want to stress that we are not employment agencies. We won’t act as a middleman between employers and employees in Canada. We offer both immigrants and foreigners the best job opportunities. Our website is completely free. You don’t need to pay anything to apply for a job or to find a job. You can apply for the Canada Government job without any fees.

The typical salary range is between $42,500 and $143,800. These jobs can be found in many Canadian communities, including Toronto, Montreal, and Nunavut Territory.

  • Depending on the employer, vacation travel assistance may be offered twice per family member.
  • Successful candidates could be eligible for employee housing or reimbursement for relocation expenses.
  • The amount allowance can vary from $18,000 to $32,000. It depends on whether an employee is dependent and if they are responsible for housing.

Apply for available job offers in Canada

If you are seeking Government Jobs in Canada, we’ve got the right information for you. Herein, we will discuss how you can get Government Jobs that are open to applicants.

Canada Government Jobs Available

These jobs are currently open and anyone interested can apply.

However, it is worth noting that only those qualified, will be contacted. This could be an avenue for you to migrate to Canada. Of course, if chosen.

So, what do you have to lose if you apply? If you get picked, great! If otherwise, at least you tried.

Company Type: Non-Profit

Size: 200+ Employees

Company Name: Canadian Government

Types of work

There are several ways you can get hired into the federal public service:

permanent employment is referred to as indeterminate
shorter employment opportunities can be either term or casual (usually 90 days or less)

Industry: BPO

Herein, you could get the chance to get your choice position at a Government Job which can possibly afford you the luxury of migrating to Canada with ease. You just need to find your choice of Job that matches your search for a Canada Government Job and more importantly, be qualified for the Job.

Administrative Assistant

We are committed to providing an inclusive and barrier-free work environment, starting with the hiring process. If you need to be accommodated during any phase of the evaluation process, please use the Contact information below to request specialized accommodation. All information received in relation to accommodation will be kept confidential.

The official workplace for the positions to fill is located in Quebec City (320, rue St-Joseph Est). Depending on the needs and requirements of the service, the possibility of entering into a formal telework arrangement could be considered. The request will be assessed in accordance with the provisions of the Directive on Telework.

Please NOTE: We are not an Employment Agency. We only relate with other Job portals to bring you the best Job opportunities. Also, note that it is totally free and we do not charge any fee to apply for these Canada Government Jobs positions. We advise that you disregard anyone asking to pay any fee to get a Job.


Depending on the job, the salary could range from $47,729 – $140,700 a year. Canada Government Jobs are available in various communities across the Nunavut Territory and other territories in Canada.

Also, please note the following:

Depending on the employer, picked candidates could be eligible for VISA Sponsorship
Vacation Travel Assistance is provided twice a year for each eligible member of the household.
Successful candidates may be eligible for staff housing and reimbursement of relocation costs.

Overview of the process

Getting a federal public service job includes several steps. Here’s what you can expect (though not necessarily in this order):

  • Apply to a job
  • Check your GC Jobs account to see if you have been screened in
  • Take a written test, or go to an interview if required
  • Provide references to the manager and go through security screening
  • Check your GC Jobs account/email to receive updates on the process
  • Testing, interviews and accommodation measures

After you’ve applied, if you’re screened in, you may be asked to write a test or series of tests. You may also be invited to an interview. Let the person inviting you to the test or interview know, as soon as possible, if you think assessment accommodation measures could make tests or interviews more accessible to you.

Only those selected for further consideration will be contacted

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