Canada Jobs for Immigrants – How to apply

Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Many skilled foreign workers are attracted to Canada as a work destination. Nearly 200,000 skilled foreign workers annually visit Canada to obtain Canadian Work Permits. This is your chance to make it happen!

Immigrant Jobs in Canada

To work in Canada, skilled foreign workers must be offered temporary employment by a Canadian employer and granted a Worker Permit from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

You or your family can apply for a PR card via an Open Work’ permit. You can expedite the process through the NAFTA agreement if you are American or Mexican. Immigrants can apply for jobs in Canada.

How to apply for a Canadian Work Visa

  • Employer requests labor market opinion (, if required).
  • Employer extends temporary job offers to foreign workers.
  • Work permit for skilled foreign worker
  • A work permit can be issued.

Labour Market Impact Assessments, formerly LMOs

A temporary tourist visa will not allow you to apply for a Canadian Work Visa. The temporary tourist visa does not allow you to work in Canada.

difference between LMOs & LMIAs

Although the process for obtaining an LMIA looks similar to LMOs in many ways, there are some significant differences. :

  • High-Wage Jobs
  • The application forms for the LMOs have been updated and now include more information.
  • Employers must create a “transition plan” explaining how they will temporarily fill the position held by the foreign worker.
  • Employers must keep detailed records of foreign workers’ stays in Canada.
  • Individual applications will be processed faster.
  • LMIA decisions will be made in 10 business days for foreign workers in skilled trades. Highly paid workers with salaries in Canada’s top 10%, and employees who have been immigrating for less than 120 days.
Low-Wage LMIAs

There are differences in the procedures and criteria for LMIAs at low wages and are listed below.

  • Employers can hire foreign workers for a year with positive LMIAs in low-wage jobs.
  • Low-wage foreign workers cannot make up more than 10% of an organization with more than ten employees.
  • Employers whose workers do not conform to this rule will be subject to transitional measures.
  • Canadian companies working in the hospitality and food service sectors and retail trade will no longer be permitted to apply for LMIAs to obtain jobs in ten lower-skilled occupations.
  • Canadian companies are required to apply for LMIA high-wage jobs. They must pay a higher application fee and complete more forms.

Who doesn’t need an LMIA application?

Canadian employers can hire TFWs in Canada, just as with the LMOs. These are the categories in which temporary work permits are exempt from LMIA:

  • The NAFTA agreement covers skilled Workers.
  • Intra-Company Transferees;
  • Participants in International Experience Canada (also known as Working Holiday Permit holders);
  • Temporary work permits for Post-Graduate students
  • Bridging Open Work Permit Holders;
  • Participation in private academic exchanges, such as visiting professors or postdoctoral fellows.
  • Programs like the ones above have been reclassified to ‘International Mobility Programs.

Employers who hire through International Mobility Programs in the summer of 2015 must have their job offers approved and stamped by Canadian visa offices before applying for a temporary Canadian work permit. $230 will be charged for processing the job offer approval form.

Employer extends a temporary job offer

An employer must send the LMIA positive along with a detailed job offer letter to the skilled foreign worker.

CIC requires Canadian companies to prepare a formal employment agreement. This is what our industry calls a Job offer letter. It must include:

  • Position title
  • Job description
  • The requirements for the temporary job
  • Information about the start and end dates
  • Details about the salary
  • Name and address of the employer

Canada Service Agency will verify that the job offer is genuine and legitimate. After the Canadian immigration department confirms the job offer, the CIC will issue employment authorization to allow the company’s future employees access to Canada. Canada can grant the LMIA to allow the employer to offer a temporary job to the skilled foreign worker. Immigrant Jobs in Canada 2021

Work Permit for Foreign Skilled Worker

After you have received your LMIA Job Offer letter’, you can apply for a Canadian Temporary Workers Permit. You may need a Certificat de’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ) if the employer is located in Quebec to work in Quebec temporarily. If you apply for a temporary foreign worker’s permit, you may be asked to interview with a visa officer.

A Canada Work Permit is issued if the visa officer is satisfied that the foreign worker’s work will not negatively affect Canadian employment.

Note: Some applicants might need to have medical examinations.

Issue of work permit

A Canada Border Services Agency officer (CBSA) will issue the Canadian Temporary Workers Permit at the entry point for skilled foreign workers to Canada. A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) may be required depending on the country from which the foreign worker is originally from to allow them to enter Canada. A work visa requires a few additional steps.

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