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Canada has welcomed people from all over the globe in many different ways. In the coming year, Canada aims to accommodate more than 400 000 immigrants as new residents through the Express Entry system.

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With over 1000+ job programs for immigrants relocating to Canada, the best Canadian Immigration program that is right for you depends on your individual characteristics, goals, and qualifications.

Jobs For Canada Immigrants

Listed below are the key information and details of some of the government jobs in Canada available for immigrants.

Work as a Facility Attendant

Job Description

In the direction of the Facility Supervisor, The Facility Attendant reports to the Facility Supervisor. He is accountable for the maintenance and operation of Nature Fresh Farms Recreation Center as well as the operation and maintenance of equipment, providing patrons’ safety and awareness of the positioning and relocating of equipment following clients’ needs.

Job Details
Job TypeFull Time
Salary$26 – $29 per hour
LocationMunicipality of Leamington, Canada
EducationHigh School Diploma

Work as an Election Officer

Job Description

We are looking for Election Officials to help us with the forthcoming General Local Election in October.

The Election Official registers residents voters, distributes ballots to those who have registered, and assists them with the presiding election officials. The Election Official is also assisting in setting up and cleaning the location for voting.

Job Qualifications
  • Attention to Detail
  • Service Excellence
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Communication Excellence
  • Teamwork

Special Instructions to Applicants

Attendance at a session of training is required. You’ll be expected to participate in a maximum of two days of voting without excluding the training sessions.

Working hours: 7:30 am to 8:30 pm with breaks on-site only.

Place of the It varies in the city.

Note that, as an election worker, you do not count as an employee of the city as this is a non-permanent assignment that is related to the elections only.

Job Details
Job TypeCasual
Salary$265 per day
LocationCity of Kelowna, Canada
Work DaysVaries – Wednesday to Saturday

Canadian Work Permit Types

There are two kinds of work permit programs available in Canada:

  • A Temporary Foreign Worker program The program requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is necessary for foreigners to be able to get a work permit.
  • International Mobility Program: An LMIA is not required for foreign nationals to get an employment permit

The LMIA aims to help employers show the Canadian government that hiring an international worker will not likely negatively impact Canada’s current workforce. The federal government department responsible for Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is determined to ensure that hiring foreign workers does not cause displacement of the existing workforce in Canada and also puts pressure on their salaries. People who require an LMIA are covered under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

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While the LMIA procedure is the norm, numerous LMIA-exempt work permits result from free trade agreements, including the previous North American Free Trade Agreement, now known as the Canada-United-States-Mexico agreement (or CUSMA. These agreements permit the foreign worker to request a work permit without needing their employers to get an LMIA. Alongside these employer-approved work permits and work permits, a range of work permit options open for foreign workers who don’t have an employment offer, such as working holidays and post-graduate work permits and available spouse work permits. People who don’t require an LMIA are covered in the International Mobility Program (IMP).

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